• Lost In The Clouds: Liability For Personal Information Breaches

    John C. Montaña, J.D., FAI
    This article summarizes several U.S. Court decisions regarding liability in breaches of personal information collected by third-party service providers on the behalf of other organizations. This is just one aspect of a study of information management-related cases that was solicited by the ARMA International Educational Foundation and underwritten by the ARMA Metro New York City Chapter.

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  • Blockchain Redux - Cracking the Code on Cryptocurrencies

    Nancy Dupre Barnes, Ph.D., CRM, CA
    Many of the early entrants on the cryptocurrency scene have faded from view. Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies have continued to proliferate; there are more than a thousand in existence. One well-known digital asset that has endured is bitcoin. It was created by an anonymous source approximately 10 years ago and remains a leader in the cryptocurrency space.

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  • Big Bucket Retention: Objectives, Issues, Outcomes

    William Saffady, Ph.D., FAI
    Fifteen years after its introduction by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration as a strategy for improving federal agencies recordkeeping performance, the big bucket approach to record retention is in common use. This article summarizes an interview-based study of the objectives, issues, and outcomes of current big bucket retention initiatives in 14 organizations.

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